Examples of Renting Affordable Space

Based on organizational mission and expertise, community needs, project finances, and market conditions needs, the following models (or a combination of them) could be used to administer commercial space. 

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Model Description Community Benefit
Critical Community Services Develop commercial spaces that will house tenants who provide critical community services. Health, human, and culturally relevant services for the community.
Commercial Corridors Redevelopment Redevelop blighted or vacant retail on commercial corridors. Neighborhood revitalization.
Shared Equity for Existing Businesses Help existing businesses purchase their building in a shared-equity ownership model. Prevents involuntary displacement.
Neighborhood Incubator or
Pop-Up Space
Create business development through incubation and low cost commercial space. Small business support and job creation for low-income residents.
Ensuring Tenant Mix Diversity Support marginal business for benefit of business owners and community vitality. Neighborhood revitalization and support of marginal businesses providing culturally relevant services.