Community Corridors Redevelopment

Commercial Corridors Redevelopment Example:
The Pythian: Crescent City Community Land Trust (CCCLT) in New Orleans, Louisiana



CCCLT is renovating The Pythian, a historic building in the heart downtown New Orleans within walking distance of a new streetcar line. The building will offer five floors of residential units, one floor of community-oriented office spaces, a health clinic and two floors of commercial retail space. The community-oriented office spaces and some of the residential units will remain affordable. To subsidize the affordable commercial and residential units, the development includes market-rate commercial and residential units.


This development will open in 2016, so it is too early to see the long-term effects on the community or on community-oriented businesses. It is also unclear what criteria CCCLT will use to assess which community-oriented non-profits to house in The Pythian.

Source: Cresecent City Community Land Trust