Critical Community Services

Example of Critical Community Services:
Mountain View Service Center (MVSC): Anchorage
Community Land Trust (ACLT) in Anchorage, Alaska

Mountain View


The Mountain View neighborhood had experienced years of disinvestment, and a number of nonprofits had begun to build affordable housing the community. ACLT bought an abandoned former furniture warehouse that was situated on the main commercial corridor in the neighborhood, developed the property, and began to lease out office space to community-oriented non-profits. ACLT serves as a Master Lessor in this example. The MVSC houses seven non-profits, all of which in total serve nearly 1,000 clients weekly.


For the first year and a half after the property had been redeveloped, ACLT experience financial difficulties because initial tenants decided to not sign short-term lease agreements.

Source: Anchorage Community Landy Trust